Data Analytics

Donan Consulting is a small IT consulting, women and minority owned, business that is based in Bowie, MD. Our staff members are proven and trusted business advisors to many federal and state government clients, as well as private sector clients. We put our clients first and always go above and beyond their expectations. We have more than 20 years of experience serving federal government, state government, and private sector clients. Our values describe the core principles that distinguish our culture. They shape everything we do as a company.

Data Collection

We identify data sources and collect data using ETL best practices.

Data Storage

Depending on the complexity of the data, we use a cloud data warehouse or data lake to store the data.

Data Processing

We structure and organize unstructured data to make the data easy to query.

Data Cleansing

We scrub the data to remove duplicates and inconsistencies.

Data Analysis

We convert you data into actionable insights and define metrics that we calculate to help measure performance towards specific goals.

Data Visualization

We create graphical representations of your data, to provide an easy way to see and understand trends, outliers and patterns.